Lucas James Vos…my NEPHEW!!

My older brother Ryan and sister-in-law Jen (whom I photographed in a preggo shoot a couple months ago and blogged in December) gave birth to their first baby boy…Lucas James!  The entire family was ecstatic to finally meet this little guy…a baby we all have been waiting anxiously to meet!  He came out as handsome as can be, a great combination of his two proud parents!  Of course I couldn’t wait to capture my new nephew on camera…however, it was a bit tricky with the freezing cold and rainy weather we had for the month.  Big clocks, baseball and some newborn innocence was on my agenda…just a few things that Ryan and Jen treasure :).   It was a success!

 I’m so excited to be an AUNTIE and watch this little guy grow…and so happy that Luke will have a cousin just 4 months younger!  Congratulations Ryan and Jen on your beautiful baby boy…now I can stop NAGGING you to have a kid…10 years was a LONG time to wait!!   Love all 3 of you very much!  xoxo, Your Proud Little Sister (a.k.a Luke’s AUNT!!):)

by Trisha Lawson

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